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Boonetown MPS is a mobile production service to meet the needs of today's fast and progressive company. With cost rising in every area of doing business and trying to meet the schedules of everyone needs Boonetown MPS delivers.

Boonetown MPS will benefit an organization in producing meeting, conference and training videos in a fast and affordable way without sacrificing quality.



The "Essentials of Webcasting"

Cody Kleven of Sonic Foundry reviews key components to webcasting.

Production services provided by
Boonetown MPS

This is a sample of the end results of the Mobile Production Services (MPS) provided by Boonetown Productions

Runtime 20 mins

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  • Reach your intended audience quickly

  • Consistent training for all

  • Multiple delivery formats available

  • Cost effective solution
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To provide a completed video at the end of a scheduled event the items listed below will be included as part of the final product. There is no additional charge for the following service extras.

• Custom Graphics
--Titles/Intros to event video
-- Lower thirds for identification of presenter
• PowerPoint
• Video clips
• Still images

• Multiple – 3CCD Cameras
• Live switching between sources; cameras, video clips, PowerPoint and still images
• Wireless audio recording of presenter and room environment

At the end of the event a master copy of any of the following deliverable media will be available.
• Flash Video
• Window Media (WMA)
Streaming or Progressive download

* Pre-Event items and agenda must be supplied prior to the scheduled event date. Adequate time is needed to create and import items into system.

Note: DVcam format is available but provided only if customer supplies media for event.

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