Cooksville Ghost

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I'm a real fan of photographing older homes. To me they are the most rewarding. However, when you enter a house that appears to be empty but then suddenly comes alive with a troubled spirit, you become less a fan. I had a Real Estate photo shoot recently and this was my experience. It started out normal but soon things changed.

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As I was photographing a couple of the rooms with gourgeous wood floors, I began to think about some pictures on the wall of one of the rooms and the stories they could tell. I decided to framed up a shot on the woman's picture to take for myself. Woman

When I squeezed the trigger to activate the camera a loud thumping noise came from around the doorway that lead into the library. Immediately the hair on my arms and back stood up with a tingling sensation. I was on the edge of freaking out as I slowly leaned through the doorway only to see nothing. My mind started racing and my first instinct was to pack up my gear and bolt. But I drove that instinct down not because I don't believe in ghosts, but it had to be a rational explanation to the loud thumping noise.

LibrarySo I ignored it and went about my business. Soon after moving into another room the loud thumping happened again and a few minutes later again; each time raising the hairs on my arms and back. I didn't think my wife would believe me if I told her of this experience so I decided to place my phone on the top of my backpack which was sitting in the middle of the floor adjacent to the library room where I first heard the noise. I walked away, to hurry with the photo shoot, so I didn't have to spend any more time in this house than I needed. The sound persisted thumping at every few moments. I knew I captured the thumping on my camera phone but until I got home and watch the captured video I did not know that I also captured a shadowy movement that is seen entering the library and then soon after the thumping happens.

I do not know what the source of the thumping is and I cannot explain the shadowy image passing by the camera lens. It's faint but it is there. Below are the time codes where you hear the thumping and see the shadow. If you turn up the volume loud enough you can hear me moving around in another room. You can hear me walking, moving things around and the beep of my timer on my camera. But when you hear the thumping you will know it. It is loud and coming from the library where there is nothing that would explain the noise. No loose boards, nothing falling over and nothing moved. Just thumping noise.


0:40 secs - Shadowy movement

1:16 secs - First recorded loud thumping

1:29 secs - Thumping

1:57 secs - Thumping

2:05 secs - Thumping

2:22 secs - Thumping and what appears to be a car going by at the same time

2:40 secs - Thumping

3:01 secs - Thumping then soon after I come into the room and end recording

 If you want ot view the whole house you can find the pictures here... View Haunted House on PlanOmatic

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